Andança (Versão) = Open Your Arms

Paulinho Tapajos

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I walk the lonely sand
Holding to no one'e hand
Hesring the song of sadness

I flow were he goes
Off'ring a summer rose
Hoping that he will end
This wandering

Bitter sweet the sunlight that warms my day- Take me my love
Winter white the moonlight that lighs my way- My love
My beloved's here for my arms to hold- Let love begin
Waiting to the shadowswith dreams untold- Open yor arms
- Let me walk right in
Any moments miracles might begin- Take me my love
Wy do I keep holding my feelings in?- My love
Will I keep on on wand'ring thru ewndless grey?- Let love begin
Only love can help me to find the way- Open your arms
- Let me walk right in

These are such restless days
I stray a thousand ways
Finding a thousand ansewrs

We touch and draw apart
We stop before we start
How long can I endure
This wandering

Yesterday tomorrows I must explore - Take me my love
As I wander lost on I silent shore - My love
All the time she smiles at me by my side - Let love begin
A I think of times when my heart replied - Open your arms
- Let me walk right in

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