Life in the city, yeah, it's all we've known
Concrete jungle's always been our home
But now all that's changed
It's getting really strange
Five thousand miles in a hot air balloon
Here comes the rain
But not a Monsoon
It' s just you and me chasing our destiny
Whatever may come, whatever we find
I've got your back, and you've got mine
Live Like Kings, that would rule
A couple of thrones, that'd be cool
One thing's for sure, we'd always have fun
Living the life under the sun
Whatever crazy things this island brings
We're Living Like Kings
Water all around three hundred sixty degrees
You never know what's blowing in the breeze.
Swimming in the seas
Our living industries
Brothers we been and brother we'll be
The only thing that changed is that royalty
Live like kings
That would rule a couple thrones
That'd be cool one thing for sure always have fun
Living the life under the sun.
And what ever crazy needs this island bridge
Living like kings

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