Bolum Sonu Canavari


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Bölüm Sonu Canavarý (Level Boss)

After the overwhelming day

I ran home from school

The things you showed me

I thought over and over

Look my hands are sweaty now

My joystick dirty

But this level's gonna end

'Cos my soul is determined

Tired for months

Tired of trying

But I won't give up on you

'Cos you see this is me

Stubborn before me

But don't waste your efforts

I made up my mind once

You will be the one losing in the end

All through sleepless nights

Kept working on you

All through sleepless nights

Kept working on you

My hands on red buttons

Without stopping for once

You were my level boss

My only love for years

Worked hard for you

Never gave up

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