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she has lived a wonderful life. she had a great father and also a mother. she wanted to be perfect and have a perfect life. the goal was high but she was prepared to work very hard. she used to go to the concerts and she couldn't understand why people don't hear the music she does, the words she does. she spent nights in her bed thinking, she spent nights with her friend talking. desperate over her life she bought a chocolate box in hope she would find an answer for her life.
she went to the luna park to cheer herself up and she bought a very nice yellow balloon. but it flew and it blew up like her perfection, her perfect life. she finally figure it out the world is not just black and white. no one to worship,
no one to blame. all confused, now she even doesn't know her name. patrischa is her name. she knows life is not wrong nor right but just so that everyone can understand it in his very own way. she is trying to understand and listen but everything seems to be so hard. she thinks:" maybe I work too hard, maybe I should just let it be and stop thinking." "what should I be?",
she guesses. she has to do it by herself without anyone to worship or to blame.

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